About Me 

I've been writing for as long as I can remember. I started writing after my grandfather introduced me to Young World by Dawn. On my visits to Karachi, my grandfather would have a pile of newspapers stacked in his room - collected for me while I was in the States.


He encouraged me to read it and send in my written work. And so the first piece I ever wrote was called "A person I shall never forget". This was the first time I had penned down my feelings about my dad and the first piece that was ever published in a magazine/newspaper.


My grandfather was over the moon when it happened. And so was I. I decided to keep writing and so I did. I'd write the occasional article or story but I mostly took on writing poetry. I wrote 100+ poems over the course of 15 years.


I've shared some of my poetry at poetry readings and my stories at gatherings and some of my articles have been published in magazines.


My husband is very supportive of my ambition to write and publish my work. His support knows no bounds (mashaAllah) and so, on my 28th birthday, he presented me with my very own website. He named it komalthewriter.com and shared how he envisioned me creating a brand - he's been in advertising for too long!


I only ever shared my work with a handful of people - my husband, my mom, my brother, a few family members and my close girlfriends. But here I am today, finally mustering up the courage to start this new venture and share the world of the people in my head, with you.