Judgement Day

October 31, 2017

It’s a boy. It’s a girl.

She’s too dark. She’s too light.

Oh, she didn’t get her mom’s green eyes.

Too short, too tall.

The baby is underweight, the baby is overweight.


From what you wear to who you are friends with…

Too many clothes, showing too much skin.


From how you talk to what you say…

Such an introvert, too vocal!


From too many pictures on Instagram to no pictures at all…

show off, outcast.


Who you marry, where they live, location and wedding dates...

What you wear, how you wear it, how much it costs.


When you have children, if you have children, why don’t you have children...

What hospital was your child delivered in, what Montessori they are enrolled in at the age of 1.


Where you live, the car you drive...

Your check-ins on Facebook, what restaurants you visit, how much you travel.


The watch you wear, the degree you have, the degree you don’t have.


The job you have. The job you don’t have.


If you can cook, if you can't cook...

Your ability to make gol rotis, your inability to make gol rotis. 




Your proficiency in English, your inability to speak ‘Pakistani.’

Your nationality, the color of your passport.


The color of your skin, the color of your eyes, the color of your hair...

the color you decided to color your hair. 


The shade of lipstick, the color of your nails. Too many piercings, not enough piercings, a tattoo!!! Whaaaaat?!


The salon you visit, the name of your hairstylist, the gym membership you own, the club membership you own, and the ones you don’t.


Your birthday party, the venue, the cake design and the name of the baker.


If you drink, if you don't drink...

How much you drink, how much you don’t drink. 

What you drink, what you don't drink. 



That’s why the shit that happens to you happens.


He’s a cheater. She’s way too faithful. 

She's a cheater. He's way too faithful. 


This food has too much salt, too little salt.  

This food is, too mild, too spicy.


The time of death, the kind of death, the memorial service, the food that was served, what was the family of the deceased wearing?

A dress too bright or way too light?!


Believer. Non-Believer.

Preacher. Hypocrite. Or both. 


Instagram: Who posts the best picture?

Twitter: Who tweets the wittiest tweet?

LinkedIn: Who has the best job?

Facebook: Check-in!


Food for thought, advice for life: 

Judgement day is every day - stop caring, start living and while you’re at it, leave the judging to God.

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